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By Bruce M. Hyman, Ph.D.
and Cherry Pedrick, R.N.

Anxiety Disorders was published in 2006 by Lerner Publishing Group We’d like to tell you more about this valuable resource. Below is an overview of Anxiety Disorders.

From the Book Jacket of Anxiety Disorders

Bruce M. Hyman, Ph.D., and Cherry Pedrick, RN

“Don’t worry!” Elizabeth was tired of hearing this. Everyone was always telling her to stop worrying, and with good reason – she was always worrying. About everything! She spent hours thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Some of the disasters were possible, just not very likely: her parents could get divorced, she could fail all of her classes, or someone in her family could get sick or injured. She also worried about smaller problems: something could go wrong at a party or someone’s feelings could get hurt. Elizabeth told a doctor about her stomachaches, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. The doctor told her she had migraines, but she worried that there was something even more serious wrong with her.

Fear is a normal, healthy part of the human experience. It is an appropriate response to threats, challenges, and potential loss. Every day, fear encourages you to study harder for tests, reminds you to get college applications in on time, and makes you take reasonable safety precautions. But when fear is excessive, out of proportion to the threats, and causes excessive worry about future events that are not likely to happen, the result is anxiety. When anxiety persists and interferes with daily life, an anxiety disorder may be diagnosed.

Today’s treatments offer tremendous hope for people with anxiety disorders. Once people learn and master the skills, they can emerge healthier and more able to withstand the challenges of life.


Bruce M. Hyman, Ph.D., is psychotherapist in private practice in Hollywood, FL, and director of the OCD Resource Center of Florida (www.ocdhope.com). He specializes in the cognitive-behavioral treatment of adults and children with anxiety disorders, including the OCD-spectrum disorders. Dr. Hyman has appeared on 20/20 and The Montel Williams Show and been interviewed by national and local radio and print media. This fall he will appear on the MTV series True Life, which follows a young woman with severe OCD through the course of her treatment with him. Visit Dr. Hyman's website at www.ocdhope.com

E-mail him at bhyman@gate.net

Cherry Pedrick is a registered nurse and freelance writer in Lacey, Washington. In 1994 she was diagnosed with OCD, which began an intensive search for knowledge, effective treatment, and management of compulsive behaviors. She is coauthor of The OCD Workbook: Your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, The Habit Change Workbook: How to Break Bad Habits and Form New Ones, and The BDD Workbook: Overcome Body Dysmorphic Disorder and End Body Image Obsessions, Helping Your Child with OCD, A Workbook for Parents of Children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Loving Someone with OCD: Help for You and Your Family, published by New Harbinger Publications; and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders, published by Lerner Press. Visit her website at www.cherrypedrick.com

E-mail her at cherlene@aol.com

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